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The Market Tanked Yesterday… but It Should Have Soared

The Fed made a widely anticipated rate cut yesterday, but the Dow plunged on the news. Alex Green explains why investors should celebrate, not grumble.

Take These 6 Urgent Steps to Avoid “Negative Wealth Shock”

If you truly want to protect your health, there’s something you need to do: Turn down the risk in your portfolio.

This One Fact Should Change the Way You Invest

If you’ve ever been to the shooting range, you know that a rifle is highly accurate at long distances… The same should be true of your investing strategy.

Why Everything You Know Is Wrong

Alex believes Steven Pinker’s new book is a tour de force that should upend mainstream distortions about how bad things are. And over his next few columns, he’ll explain why…

Can You Accurately and Consistently Time the Market?

Alex’s good friend Mark Skousen squared off against him in “The Ultimate Fight” at our annual Investment U Conference earlier this month. See who won… and why.

How to Identify Stocks That Can Rise Tenfold… or More

Mastering the art of intelligent speculation can take time. Fortunately, Alexander Green has some tips (and even an entire portfolio) to help get you started…

Your New Retirement Survival Guide

In retirement, you want to withdraw from work – not life. Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld’s new book helps you keep living without working…

How to Earn a Safe 6% Yield

When people talk about stocks, they’re likely referring to common (not preferred) shares. But understanding the difference can protect – and even boost – your returns.