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What the History Books Will Say About This Week

The history books have a funny way of telling a story… especially when it comes to money. We’re excited to see what they say about what just happened.

Secrets of the Vegas Insider Who Mentored Warren Buffett and Bill Gross

Las Vegas high rollers aren’t usually good role models for investors. Edward Thorp is different. His methods helped shape Warren Buffett’s strategy.

Why I’m Leaving (and What It Means for Investment U Readers)

This is Andy’s last Sunday column for Investment U. But there is good news for his regular readers…

The Most Important Variable in Any Financial Equation

Member Dan L. is wondering which investment strategies are right for his portfolio. Our answer is simple… and it applies to every single investor.

How Robinhood and Other Low- (or No-) Cost Brokers Make Money

Very few folks know how their brokers are making money – especially a free brokerage like Robinhood. Let us count the ways…

A Powerful Lesson on Management From a Controversial CEO

In the days following Aubrey McClendon’s death, we asked whether he was a capitalist’s hero or a villain. Regardless of how you feel, there’s no doubt he could’ve taught other CEOs a thing or two…

Is That Company a Price Taker… or a Price Maker?

The next time you’re ready to buy a stock, ask yourself… “Is this company a price taker or a price maker?”

Swing for the Fences With This Nobel-Winning Investment Strategy

To take advantage of riskier, short-term opportunities in the market, you need to first have a solid base portfolio. This unique investment strategy can help you risk less and profit more.