ETF Investing

How to Trade ETFs for Free

If you’ve got a long-term outlook and are looking to exchange-traded funds to amplify returns, consider one of the hundreds that are commission-free…

Become a Global Currency Trader Using the “Big Mac Method”

Most U.S. McDonald’s will soon use fresh beef – except in the Big Mac. While the Big Mac isn’t getting an update (yet), its index can keep you updated on global currencies…

A $4.5 Trillion Opportunity Only 3 Years Away

Analysts have been predicting the end of brick-and-mortar retail for years. But our Emerging Trends Strategist sees this as a huge opportunity…

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Today on Forward Guidance, ETF Strategist Nicholas Vardy answers some common questions about exchange-traded funds.

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Swing for the Fences With This Nobel-Winning Investment Strategy

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Who’s Got the Gold?

I recently got my first long-term buy signal on gold in many months. That means we can shift from “playing” short-term swings in gold and miners to long-term investing in the shiny metal. However, one thing nags at my mind: Who’s got the gold?

VYM: The Best High Dividend Yield ETF?

Some people like mutual funds and others are jumping on the ETF bandwagon. However, besides the pricing, is there any difference in using one or the other for retirement investing…

Is VYM the Best High Dividend Yield ETF?